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Our Model


ThoughtBurst's consultants have significant industry and proven consulting experience together with a deep understanding of our service offerings.

We look for the following in our consultants:

ThoughtBurst's consultants have considerable experience in: 

lightbulbguyWe have an innovative leveraged staffing model, which enables us to supplement our own consultants with additional senior, experienced individuals with considerable expertise in customer strategy, customer experience and in designing and implementing customer-facing solutions. 

Unlike some other organizations which operate a model using additional support from external resources, our virtual consultants all have significant industry and consulting experience with top tier consultancies (a minimum of 15 years).

In addition, our virtual consultants are all well known to us, and our leadership has worked with them extensively in the past, thereby significantly reducing both the learning curve to the project and risk to our clients.

Between ThoughtBursts' own and these "virtual" consultants, we has access to close to 500 years of experience in the customer-facing operations, process and systems areas. meetingfourpeople