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A customer-facing strategy defines how you will deal with your customers, and can be customer experience, operational efficiency or sales improvement focused – or indeed a combination of all three.

A strategy needs to incorporate within it an operational analysis to plot where your operations are today, which results in an understanding of the gap between capabilities, metrics and the performance of your current operations as where you want to progress to.

The strategies that we would work with you to develop should not be confused with your overall business strategy, but instead would be focused upon the customer facing elements of your business, and how effectively they support your overall business strategy.

A customer-facing strategy focuses on taking the overall strategy & market goals and determining how this needs to be reflected in your customer interactions.  It determines at a high level, which groups or types of customer will receive what targeted marketing, sales offers and what type of service, sales, marketing or other experience they will have.

A key to any strategy is how to make it real – how to implement or “operationalize” it.  The development of the strategic roadmap is therefore a key part of any strategy.

A strategy can be tailored to meet your needs in a number of ways including:

Our Strategy offer differs from our Assessment offer in that it focuses on the “how”.  It is less deep in the operational analysis area.  A strategy typically needs a more senior audience and a higher level of buy-in than an assessment, although that isn’t necessarily true around recommendations and the roadmap.

Method and tool support

The C-SOAR™ method fully supports the conducting of any one of the strategies above, and can be tailored easily and effectively to support specific client needs and scope requirements.

The C-SOAR™ method is backed by our RCM Model, which provides significant support for all aspects of the operational environment that needs to be analyzed as part of the strategy.

The C-SOAR™ tool supports the method and enables our consultants to capture engagement specific information consistently and effectively.


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How we can help with your strategy needs

ThoughtBurst can help you meet your business objectives with the development of a customer-facing strategy.  We can help you:

Our strategy services