Business Process Design

Whether you are re-engineering a single business process or re-designing all the processes for an operational area, the impacts of process re-design can be significant, even when no changes to technology are involved. Since many business processes suffer from not having been well documented at a high to medium level, or aren’t updated regularly after initial design when the processes themselves are “tweaked” or have evolved, it is often difficult to know where a problem lies, or to be able to justify making changes.

Business process design enables you to step back from detailed operations manuals and “see the forest for the trees”. We can bring tools and techniques to help analyze the cost of business processes and their individual steps, spot bottlenecks and inefficiencies as well as understanding the higher and lower used paths through a process. We can help identify of lack of adherence to a process (process compliance), which might be caused by poor training, inadequate coaching, oversight or quality control or by a need to “work around” an inefficient process. We can also identify where money is lost supporting under-utilized paths through a process, or areas to which additional spending should be directed. Our offering can help with processes in the contact center, the sales organization, marketing as well as email, chat, web, social CRM and social media response.

Social media response and social CRM business processes are especially interesting since they involve heavy automation, analytics, rules and then the routing of work items to the person undertaking the task. In recent times, Business Process Management (BPM) tools have emerged, which help to implement business processes. These tools can be used to model future state processes and calculated time and cost savings versus the original. Future state processes can then be implemented using BPM with work item queuing etc. Business process design also looks further than the processes themselves, focusing as well on the way the technology supports the processes, and helps with things such as desktop CRM performance gains.

As well as including the implementation of BPM applications, our Business process design service offering can help in integrating BPM tools to multi-media queuing (calls, email, fax, social media response). Fully automated processes (e.g. web flow, workflow and decision engines) are also part of this offering and can be designed and implemented effectively using BPM engines In addition to customer-facing processes, business process design is also essential for management processes to ensure the effective and efficient use of resources – for example: work force management, quality assurance, sales management, coaching, rewards & incentive processes and other management processes.

How we can help with your business process needs

ThoughtBurst can help you meet you business objectives with business process design. We can help you:

  • Identify and resolve performance problems in an area of your operations related to process effectiveness
  • Re-design end-to-end processes to reduce silo-ing either for efficiency, economies of scale or to improve the customer experience
  • Undertake business process design because of either a re-organization, merger/acquisition or because of a move to a shared services or outsourcing model
  • Design an entirely new set of processes to support a legal or regulatory change in your industry Design processes around the routing of calls or interactions
  • Design the processes to support the growth in your social media interactions
  • Re-design processes in a specific are of your operations such as contact center, sales, face to face operations or marketing