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Business Process Outsourcing – “Navigating the path to effective external service delivery”

Business process outsourcing has received some bad press recently.  A number of high-profile contact center and other process outsourcing programs have proved to be more costly and lower performing than had been anticipated.

This may not seem that surprising since there are a lot of things to address when embarking on an outsourcing journey, but by planning for and addressing a number of key factors, it is possible to have a successful contact center outsourcing program.  In fact, a characteristic of successful outsourcing programs is that these factors are addressed and planned for early in the process, which results in an achievable plan roadmap and commercial terms, which are understood and agreed by all parties. 

Some of those key factors are:

Addressing these factors and planning for their resolution at appropriate points in the process will help smooth the planning for, and transition to an outsourcing model and reduce possible contention between you and your outsourcing partner.

Method and tool support

Our C-SOAR™ method provides significant support for the transformational stage of a business process outsourcing engagement.  The strategy and assessment (S&A) component of the method enables assessments and strategy engagements in this area.  The A3D component of the method supports the full-lifecycle of engagements from analysis through to deployment.

In addition, our RCM Model provides significant support for contact center, sales and marketing operations.

The C-SOAR™ tool supports the method and enables our consultants to capture engagement specific information consistently and effectively.

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How we can help support your process outsourcing needs

ThoughtBurst can help you meet your business objectives in the business process outsourcing area.  We can help you:

Our business process outsourcing services

We can bring skills to bear in this complex area relating to a range of services including: