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Business Requirements and Functional Design

The business requirements and functional design phase of a project is critical since it is the point at which the needs of the organization are gathered and translated into requirements, rules and design which is fully understandable by the business and by IT. 

Business requirements are usually developed as a result of business process design, and it should be possible through the documentation to see the direct link between requirements and their associated business process(es).  It is key in developing business requirements that they are defined at a consistent level and are true business needs and not just package or IT “features”.  This helps the business place value on each requirement, and allows for the comparison of requirements against each other as scope is challenged, reviewed and controlled through the course of the rest of the project.

Business requirements and functional design is undertaken for all IT implementations, whether they are custom development or package implementations and whether they are on-premise or “cloud”-based (hosted applications).  Clearly the approach differs somewhat between package and custom, since a package brings with it certain functionality and ways of operating which need to be taken into account as requirements are being developed.  Heavy customization of a CRM package rarely leads to a successful project and upgrades can be painful and expensive.

Functional design forms a key communication to technical designers and programmers.  It is also important in ensuring that IT solutions are built, configured and/or customized as intended by the business owners.

Key deliverables from this offering would typically include:

Our business requirements and functional design services

Business requirements gathering and functional design for packaged, SaaS and custom operational systems, including:

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How we can help with your business requirements needs

ThoughtBurst can help you meet your business objectives with business requirements and functional design.  We can help you:

Method and tool support

The C-SOAR™ method provides support for business requirements and functional design.  The A3D component of the method supports the full lifecycle of engagements from analysis through to deployment, and includes techniques and tools for both business requirements and functional design during the Analysis and Design phases of A3D.

The C-SOAR™ tool supports the method and enables our consultants to capture engagement-specific information consistently and effectively.