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Face to face Operations – “The technology-enabled high street presence”

Despite predictions a few years ago by some to the contrary, face to face customer interaction is not entirely going away any time soon.  In fact, in a number of industries, there is a renewed focus on face to face interactions (e.g. mobile telecommunication provider stores).  In other industries, there has even been a move back towards more face to face interactions after brief forays with a model that some consider a “step too far” in terms of removing the human “touch”, such as branch banking.

Perversely, this new focus on face to face interaction is best enabled with new technology such as interactive video displays, customer flow management applications, kiosks, collaboration technologies with remote specialists, business process management applications, knowledge management tools and IP routing (the virtual routing of calls anywhere in the organization, not just within the contact center).  These technologies allow face-to-face employees to be freed up from certain tasks that are easily handled through technology, like education or simple inquiries.  They can then focus on supporting the customer and providing value-added services in more complex activities, and in improving the customer experience and maximizing sales opportunities.

There are a number of key features of a leading-edge store, branch or local office (hereafter referred to generically as “store”):


The design and layout of the store should provide a free flowing and open environment that is organized into distinct sections where specific services can be delivered:

In addition, the implementation of a customer flow management solution enables the most effective (virtual) queuing whereby customers can see exactly where they are in the queue and the approximate wait time on an electronic display.  All without having to stand in line.  This allows them to browse or shop in any of the sections while they wait.


The planning and scheduling of the workload needs to take into account the need to provide excellent customer service with the requirement to undertake other tasks associated with the running of the store, such as taking phone calls.  This can be achieved through effective processes and technology to deal with:


The planning and design of the customer experience with a focus upon key processes, treatments, training and quality measures.  Key factors include:

By planning and implementing the features from the above that are appropriate to your business, you will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your stores in providing high quality customer service at a reasonable cost.

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How we can help improve your face to face operations

ThoughtBurst can help you meet your business objectives in face to face operations area.  We can help you:

Our face to face operations services

Method and tool support

Our C-SOAR™ method provides significant support for our face to face operations services.  The strategy and assessment (S&A) component of the method enables assessments and strategy engagements in this area.  The A3D component of the method supports the full-lifecycle of engagements from analysis through to deployment.

The C-SOAR™ method is backed by our RCM Model, which provides significant support for all channels used in the face-to-face environment.  In addition, the RCM model also provides significant support for the customer experience.

The C-SOAR™ tool supports the method and enables our consultants to capture engagement specific information consistently and effectively.