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Program Management

A critical element of any successful business undertaking is effective project management.  In addition, a multi-workstream transformation program needs experienced senior program management and program management office capabilities to ensure the successful planning, co-ordination, monitoring & tracking of the various moving parts. 

We believe however, that effective program management is more than just the rigorous application of project management and program management techniques.  It is critical for any program manager or program management function to have experience in dealing with many of the potential pitfalls that can befall even the best undertakings.  Further, we believe that it is essential that a program manager has strong domain experience (industry and/or service expertise) and not just Project management credentials.  This enables the program manager and program management function not just to log and track issues, but to ask probing and relevant questions about issues and dependencies and to challenge the validity of estimates and solutions to problems based on real-world experience and understanding of the customer-facing domain.

A strong program manger and program management office should not need to take things at face value and should consistently and continually be adding content-based value.

Program management functions would include:

Method and tool support

The C-SOAR™ method provides support for program management.  Outputs, techniques and approaches during the strategy and assessment (S&A) method component include: 

During the analyze, design, develop and deploy (A3D) method component, outputs, techniques and approaches include:

The C-SOAR™ tool supports the method and enables our consultants to capture engagement specific information consistently and effectively.

program gannt chart

How we can help with your program management needs

ThoughtBurst can help you meet you business objectives by providing strong and effective program management.  We can help you:

Our program management services

We provide:

We provide the above for the following service areas: